Over the centuries, the suit became synonymous of freedom and feminine emancipation, succeeding in becoming its symbol. It represents elegance out of any pattern, a timeless garment icon.

From its creator Coco Chanel to the First Lady Jackie Kennedy, to the present day the suit has an important place in the wardrobe of every woman.

This Fall/Winter Babylon proposes combined jackets and trousers, but not only, also jackets and skirts of different lengths and volumes, exactly in the same fabric, from brocades to monochromatic textures embroidered with micro studs or logos. Babylon shortens and lengthens the edges of the skirts, opens dizzying slits, structures the shoulder straps of double-breasted jackets, re-interprets the '60s not neglecting its strong identity.

Babylon proposes a woman in suit that has revisited in three different versions: androgynous and strong for Babylon Collection, retro and traditional for Eureka, sophisticated and hyper feminine for W Les Femmes.